Roll dem Bones!!!

From: Michael Ochoa <>
Date: December 21, 2007 12:05:58 PM PST
To: Mxxx Bxxxxx <>
Cc: Sxxxx Mxxxxx <>, Exxx Mxxxxx <>, Kxxxxxx Cxxxxxx Axxxx <xxxxxx@MIT.EDU>, Exxxxx Oxxxx <>, Mxx Hxx <>, Michael Ochoa <>
Subject: Roll dem Bones!!


Blessings and an apology.

There are some places I must go alone even knowing what fear and anxiety it will cause you.

This morning I sent the attached letter to Dr. Kanter, Vice Dean of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Dr, Arthur Levine, Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences and Dean, School of Medicine, and Gina Deible, Senior Vice Chancellor/Dean's Office Staff.

Let go of your fear and anxiety, read these with an open mind in light of what you already think you know,
then ask me whatever you need to know or say whatever you need to say.


PS.  I'm a notoriously lacking in technical skills, so if you can't read the attachments, say so.

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